November 18, 2009

Skiing Stubaital Austria

Where, oh where shall I begin this story?

Once upon a time there was a family of 4 who needed a vacation of at least a week or more.

First was the challenge of packing the family wagon with everything from skiis to Jack's toy dragon.

Down the Autobahn we drove through the rain, wind and snow, packed to the gills wouldn't you know!

Upon our arrival at Pension Wasserfall, we realized the 4 hour drive hadn't been bad at all.

The process of unpacking to lighten our load, made us realized we had a long time to go.

After the last bag was unloaded we headed to town to find a ski school not run by a clown! We found the school but oh was it pricey, Brad' wasn't sure but it seemed a bit dicey.
What better instructors than good 'ol Mom and Dad. The kids were a bit fearful, but eventually glad!

The bunny hill was a challange for the first day or so, but due to bad weather they were ready to go.

Our backs were hurting from all the bending and pulling, by the end of the day we were dreaming of the ski schooling!

Day two rolled around and we started anew with the locals for breakfast and a brotchen or two.

Skiing all day sure works up an appetite, but time for resting there's more skiing in sight.
lunch on the slopes)

From the top of Tyrol, the view was amazing, but looking down the kids thought we were crazy.
There's only one way down....we told them so, follow me and now lets go.
You mean we have to ski through the thick cloud? Yes my kiddies so don't stop now!
You know these Europeans and all their signs, we had no idea what we should find.....
A black diamond we soon realized was our fate, but no worries the kids did great!

Two thumbs up from these guys who skied, they loved the sun and the afternoon treats!

The friendly blue monster was always around, to be sure you weren't acting like these two clowns! The view was breathtaking, always perfect for our picture taking!

Help! I'm frozen, not sure I can get up...quick bring me some of cocoa in my cup!

What an adventure always a thrill, Jack turned 7 this week while we skied this hill!

Are these Vickings or are these our kids? I don't know but I sure love their wigs!

On a serious note....we had a wonderful time, a much needed time of relaxation and time spent as a family! Stay tuned for more adventures!

Twins turn 1 month!

Filippo and Gabriella are doing well with their adjustment to being home! Jen and Angelo are enjoying parenthood x2!

November 05, 2009

Yes, We're Still Here!

Many of you have been concerned that we've fallen off the face of the earth. Well we haven't just a bit computer challenged these days. As I wrote a few months back when we moved into our old house the wiring was a bit faulty and therefore blew up our computer. We've been piecing together and rebuilding those parts that still work with an old computer. So at any given moment we don't have sound, USB capabilities and unreliable internet connections and at the moment the inability to post pictures. It's the "charm"! We often kid ourselves about all the "charm" Europe has to offer - this is one of them!

A brief update - Brad's sister Jen is home with both babies, Filippo and Gabriella. Now comes the tough part getting them on the same schedule! Hang in there Jen you can do it!

Madeline and Jack are cruising through school looking forward to a long break in January to visit friends and family for a belated Christmas. They are both excelling in their piano and it is such a delight to hear them play. Madeline is practicing a few Christmas pieces to play at church in December. Jack is still busy as ever playing German soccer and loving every minute of it. He will be switching to indoor play next month - yippee! We're tired of standing out in the freezing rain for 3 hrs of practice a week!

We are all looking forward to our ski vacation next week to Stubital Austria. Jack will also be celebrating his 7th birthday! Stay posted for some great pictures in about a week.