February 15, 2010


We managed to make it out of DC in between snow storms, only to arrive back home here in Germany to a week of continual snow! We took advantage of the forest (waldheim) across the street for some fantastic sledding adventures!
The snow here is just beautiful. It is so quiet when you walk through the forest...that is until the Borkes and their sled arrive! Enjoy the photos! And yes, I do partake in all of these events; however, I'm the only one who remembers the camera!

The view from the top. This hill doesn't seem too intimidating. But on the Radio Flyer sled you pick up speed - similar to that of the Luge. The only difference....the suprise jump at the end of the run!

Here's the first crew ready for launch!


Ooohhhh...that's gotta hurt!

Some fun along the way.

February 11, 2010

5 Weeks and 9,000 Miles Later!

Let me first answer the question many of you have been asking....yes, we're still alive! We've just returned home here in Germany. We've just completed the "Borke Stateside Marathon" of 9,000 miles in 5 weeks. If I posted every detail, I'm sure you'd all be bored and tired of refilling your coffee cups! So here are the Cliff Notes.

Our First Stop: Virginia
We took our first Space A flight from Europe to USA without a hitch. We of course, were well planned, prepared & packed much patience before our departure. After waiting 15 hrs in the Ramstein terminal we took a C-5 flight to Deleware....yes Deleware. We were aiming to reach BWI but our only chance of getting stateside took us to nearby Deleware. The flight itself was very interesting. I don't have too many photos to share as taking photos on the flight line was prohibited. What an adventure. We boarded a bus which took us out on the flight line and boarded the massive C-5 airplane. After climbing up the ever so narrow ladder to the "top deck" we buckled in for the 9 hr flight. Did I mention that the seats are installed backwards and there is NO heat? Yes, a flight to remember. Several hours into the flight, I glanced over to see how the kids were doing and to my amazement they were sound asleep, coat, hat, mittens, wool blankets and all! After seeing that they were taken care of, I promptley headed to the back of the plane, or I mean front (remember the seats are backwards) to see if I could confirm that the excruciating pain in my toes was frostbite. Thank goodness, it wasn't. Upon landing in DE we crashed for the night and the next day rented a car and drove 2 hrs to visit friends in Northern Virginia. The kids had a blast visiting with all of their friends and I enjoyed catching up with some of my dear friends as well.

Second Stop: Cincinnati, Oh

On this leg of the trip we were looking forward to spending time with my family, surprising my mom with a 60th birthday party, and getting to see my brother and his wife from Colorado! While we were in town we were able to take in some of the local fare and Jack's favorite, Skyline chili. We enjoyed catching up with everyone and some much needed relaxation. (Somehow I didn't get many pictures on this visit :(

Third Stop: Chicago

So far, the kids and I have been traveling solo, but were looking forward to catching up with Brad when we visited his family in Chicago. We tried a new method of traveling this time around, the MegaBus - only $10 per person and the same amount of travel time as if we were driving ourselves. Take a look a this photo! We were so excited to see Brad's sister, Jen's twins! They are too cute and so sweet. It was really a blessing getting to know them. Both Madeline and Jack were so loving towards both of the bambinis. Madeline however, really became the mother hen, feeding, rocking and entertaining both Filippo and Gabriella. Of course what's a visit with the Borke Clan without some adventure! We spent a day ice skaing and a day rollerskating. Grandma even joined us for the roller derby. We had loads of fun.

While in Chicago we were treated to several meals at Angelo's new restaurant, Il Monelli, http://www.imonelli.info/ a definate place to stop next time in Chicago!

Can you see how much Filippo and Gabriella are loved? Don't forget ChiChi.

Fourth and Final Stop: Virginia and the 2010 Blizzard

Well, we had heard that there was a huge snow storm brewing in the DC area, so we decieded to move our flight and take the earliest flight out on the 5th to DC. We arrived just before the snow began falling. Over the course of the next 24 hrs 25" of snow fell. Good thing we were staying with our friends who can make a lot out of a little. We were without power all day Saturday but somehow with a gastop stove were able to have a complete breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls, eggs, biscuits and gravy and french press coffee! Did I mention that we were able to have merinated chicken, rye bread and baked beans for dinner! Yummmmm. I can't release the names of our most gracious friends as their home might be flooded by other visitors the next time there is a blizzard. We like to keep our treasure hidden, so we can frequent again next year! Thanks again for everything!!!! After digging out of the house/neighborhood for 2 days we were finally able to get back into civilization just in time for the Superbowl. Here are just a few of the very funny photos of all of us playing in the wonderful white stuff.....SNOW!

Return Home:

We were able to connect back to Europe on a space A flight from BWI - this time a commercial jet with heat! We were extremely blessed with all of our travel connections during this journey. Now reality.....back to school, laundry, cleaning etc. I imagine we'll find a day or two to squeeze in some skiing in the Alps while we're getting more snow here in Germany! Until the next adventure!