September 29, 2011

Family Camp in Austrian Alps

Late August we spent 1 week at a family camp with our church and "German sister" church in the Austrian Alps. We had a great week of bi-lingual preaching, food, fellowship, and many activities; and the views were absolutely awesome!

Day 1: Exploring Kleinwalsertal/Soellereck

Nothing is too hard for these guys! Well, humility maybe!

A view from the top of the peak. Funny thing, we ski this area every winter, but it looks very different in the summertime!

A view from our room - it was great, there was only quiet for miles!

A restful view during our hike....

A preferred picnic spot.

Another breath taking view.

Highland cows along the way. It was amazing that you could hear their bells for miles.

Day 2: Kletter Course/Hochseilgarten in Kanzelwand

Ready for take-off....

"Mr. Agility"

Our group: friends from Holland

Here I am swinging from the trees! Did I mention this course is the highest in elevation in all of Germany?

"Little Miss No Fear"

"Enough with the photos!" This is what I get for relinquishing the camera!

Brad and Madeline enjoying a break and the afternoon sun!

A weary bunch!

Day 3: Hike Fellhorn

Another gondola to the top...but this time a hike down!

View of the Kleinwalsertal valley

1st stop

On our way down to the valley.

Another breath taking view...

Day 4: hiking the waterfall caverns

These pictures just don't do it justice.

See the kids? They're the tiny speck in the middle. This gives you an idea of how massive this area is.

Day 5: Farewell
Madeline was able to play an offertory piece that she has been working on for a few months with her teacher, Jerin. We had to say goodbye to Jerin as she was again returning to the states for school. Back to Skype lessons for now! I'm still trying to upload the video clip of Madeline's piece. Keep an eye out for it later.

Camping in the Alb

We enjoyed an overnight camping with some friends in the Swabian Alb. Notice the "Americanized" camp sight vs. the tidy European camper. We love the wide open space, the outdoors, let all 7 kids run and explore. The Europeans, however, love their privacy, quiet and solitude!

September 24, 2011

The Rest of Summer

So, here are the final pictures from the rest of our summer vacation to the states. A few months late - but better late than never, right? I have so many other current things that I want to post, so I'm just going to throw these photos out there...enjoy!

Both kids really master skiing this summer!
Looking forward to do it again next year!

Jack mastered skiing at Dale Hollow Lake, TN

The boys!

Searching for rattle snakes!

Watching USS Eisenhower coming into port in Norfolk

Golfing with Grandma and Grandpa (or is Jack playing Polo?)

Cedar Point - See the big kid in orange looking around? He thought we were getting on! Wrong!

USMC "Run A Muck" Quantico

WWII airplane hangar in Cleveland (Brad's Dad took a flight in the plane below)

The Cleveland Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa

Columbus, Ohio with long time USAF friends

Madeline turned 11!