June 13, 2011

Where in the World are the Borkes?

In case any of you have been wondering where we have been the past 2 months, well.....we've been touring the Midwest and east coast of good 'ol USA! Brad has been attending a school in the Norfolk area since April; so the kids and I thought it would be a good time for us to come and visit with family and friends.

Since the beginning of our trip, 21 April, to date we've traveled: 10,000 air miles, 126 miles by train, and 1,000 miles by car. With 3 weeks left on our trip be still have 1,772 miles by car, 8,152 air miles and 126 miles by train to travel. Whew....are you tired yet?

The Lord has blessed immeasurably with safe and smooth travels thus far. I expect that it will take me a few weeks to get all the photos and updates posted. But just for starters, here's a few photos of how we began this journey!

Let me first get you up to speed with what was occurring before we even left Germany. In March, Brad was called up to go work in London for an unknown period of time. It ended up that he stayed the entire month. He returned home for just enough time to wash clothes, repack and take a few days of R&R (see previous post, Bodensee), before jetting off to VA for his next duty. Meanwhile the kids and I stayed back in Germany finishing up school & soccer, preparing for my brother and his wife to visit and planning for our 3 month trip to the states.

Jack's soccer team was awarded a donation for new uniforms. Notice the tallest boy in the back...that's Jack!

During my brother's visit we came across this Italian market with the largest tub of Nutella I've ever seen. Jack thought we should buy it!

After 3 days in Virginia with friends, we headed to Chicago to visit Brad's sister and the twins.
Here we are at the Chicago Zoo.

I'm not sure if Madeline and Jack are getting their training for babysitting or zoo-keeping!

Here's Madeline, right at home with Gabriella and Filippo (18 months).

Stay tuned for the update of our next stop.... Ohio!