July 13, 2011

Vacation - Part 2

So here's part 2 of our vacation. After leaving Chicago, we headed to Cincinnati to visit with my parents. The kids had a blast with fishing, bike riding, gardening, dogs, horses, farms, police stations, tornados, birthdays, and more. Here's a sneak peak at some of the fun....

Fishing at Mamaw and Papaws......

Jack wasn't too impressed with my "big catch"

Cleaning Your Catch 101...

After equipping Madeline and Jack with the proper tools (pliers & knife) they were able to clamp, scale, gut, chop & bone a fish in no time flat!

Madeline loves fish, let me restate that...to eat fish; so she was excited to get the fish clean and have it on her plate. Jack, on the other hand would rather keep the dead one as a pet than eat it!

Here's a photo of the kids with Grammy (my grandmother). She was giving them tips on how to best fry the fish. I loved hearing her share stories of when my Papaw would bring back the "catch of the day" and she would have to gut, scale and cook the little guys (the fish that is).

Jack earning his master filet title

Next, guns and arrows....

The kids enjoyed getting to shoot the bow and arrow along with the bb gun back in the woods. Turns out we have 2 sharp shooters in our midst.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Mike's farm...

Here's Madeline with the newest addition, Nickie. It's always a joy to be able to visit the horses and dogs. We love the country air! below: (Jack with Nickie and Tess)

Okay, funny photo. We had just come from eating lunch, and I simply asked if I could borrow a pair of boots so my white flats wouldn't be covered in horse poo. So, no problem, I rolled up the jeans and headed out, confident in my new look; only to be laughed at the entire way to the barn by my kids and my own mother! I earned the title "city slicker" that afternoon.

Madeline enjoying time with Sugar, who is a therapy dog.

Weather...here's a look at a funnel cloud we were trying to escape while on a bike ride. During our 4 weeks in Ohio, we had 3 tornado warnings and 2 alarms to head to the basement. Crazy midwest weather!

Happy 11th Birthday, Madeline!

Here's Madeline with her birthday cake. An idea by one grandmother, executed by the other! Way to use team work!

Birthday dinner with all the grandparents!

Left to Right: My dad, Brad's mom, Madeline, Brad's dad, my grandmother, me, Jack, Brad and my mom.

The Oxford PD....

My uncle works with the Oxford Police Department. So, we were afforded our own private field trip, behind the scenes!

Jack checking out the SWAT van

Being finger-printed

Being hauled away (I told them both, this had better be the only time they're in the back of a police car!)


The kids were able to help my mom put in her spring garden, not to mention getting a little dirty along the way.

Theatre...we were able to see Cirque du Soleil, Ovo for a Mother's Day surprise

Mother's Day...the perfect gift is her children

Stay tuned for part 3.......