August 09, 2011

Quote of the Day - by Jack Borke

Well, I know I haven't finished posting from our long summer vacation; but, this was so funny I had to post the quote of the day!

While trying to teach Jack something about paying bills and saving for college, he said the funniest thing:

Jack: "Why are you putting money into my college account?"
Me: "Someday you'll really be thankful for the money to go to college."
Jack: "I wish you'd spent that money on a new DSi for me."
Me: "When you go off to college someday you be glad you had the money to go and a DSi won't help you get there."
Jack: "Who needs college anyway?"
Me: "You do. Someday you'll need to be smart to get a job, to support your wife and those ankle-bitter kids of yours!"
Jack: "I hope the Rapture comes before then! I don't want to have a wife, or kids, or go to college!" (this said of course with the most serious face you can imagine!)
Me: Laughter.....still laughing!