July 22, 2010

House For Sale :SOLD!

We finally sold the house in Las Vegas! What an answer to prayer. Through this 18 month process we've learned many invaluable lessons, mostly to trust in the Lord, He always provides!

The kids helped us celebrate by making this cake

Piano Recital

Here's a glimpse of Madeline and Jack's recent accomplishments after 8 months of piano lessons. We're so thankful for our teacher, Jerin, who has been a tremendous teacher and example, thank you.

July 14, 2010

Socialized Medicine

We experienced socialized medicine first hand with Jack being hospitalized with a severe intestinal virus. After 4 days in the hospital with no a/c and liverwurst for breakfast, he was elated to be sprung from the krankenhaus!

We did receive good medical care - just so different from America!

Jack was bummed that he missed VBS - so VBS (western theme) came to him in the hospital!

We also celebrated Father's Day - what a gift!

My Parents' Visit

Many of you may be wondering what happened to us....just life keeping us all so busy. We've really enjoyed our summer and as usual, staying busy with all sorts of activities. So rather than bore you with a long winded narrative of our happenings, I'll show you via photos!

My parents' visit was great fun, we played at the parks, took in a few castles and just plain goofed off!

preferred method of transportation - S-Bahn train

playing at a local park

Touring Schloss Solitude (above and below)

Another local park

The Stuttgart Church (above and below)

The Bobbahn in the Schwabian Alb

A day's hike to a waterfall in the Schwabian Alb

At Madeline's soccer match on the other side of the fields a developement company was giving rides for 50 cent Euros. Of course Jack and Papaw found a way to take the ride for a view of the city.

Exploring nature with Madeline's snail collection - yuck!
And this strange looking Highland Yak thing!

And of course - the local food!

Just down from the restaurant the kids asked what this yellow box way - a sign that we're getting old!