December 25, 2009

Christmas...What does it mean?

I love this time of year...Christmas! No, it's not for the hustle and bustle, all the delicious foods we enjoy or the gifts we often receive. Unfortunately, most people are concerned about getting that "perfect" gift and often overlook the "Perfect" gift that was given 2,000 years ago. The birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Last Sunday the kids in our church were able to display the true Christmas story. They spent many weeks practicing lines, songs and even planning the costumes! We are so thankful for our church and all the families that share with us in the truth and the wonder of this Christmas season.

Madeline played Mary and Jack the first Wiseman.

December 22, 2009

Snow!'s been cold here this past week. The record temperatur was -16 C (=5F). We have found that using our kamin ofen (fireplace/woodburing stove). You can see the big green monster in the photo on the right. We have finally figured out the art of making a fire that will keep burning all day long. The benefit, we don't have to run our very expensive radiator heat. We are constantly fighting the old drafty windows and watching our Euros go out the window! Here are a few pictures of the kids enjoying our most recent snow. It seems like Jack has been held hostage....and Madeline is set on burrying him in the snow!

Christmas Cookies

Each year it is a tradition to make Christmas cut-out cookies. This is my grandmother's recipe. She made these cookies with all the grandchildren every Christmas and it promises to be lots of fun and very messy! This year we shared our tradition with some American and German friends. Afterwards, the girls found some time to play dress-up!

December 05, 2009

A New Smile

If you haven't read the post "Tooth Pulling 101" you must read it to fully appreciate Jack's new smile!

Jack's method of pulling teeth!
Here's tooth #1 Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
Micah and Jack after tooth #1
The new smile! Tooth #2 Sunday after Thanksgiving.

December 02, 2009

Tooth Pulling 101

So.....Jack's two front teeth have been quite wiggly these past few months and I think he's been itching to sing "All I Want for Christmas are My Two Front Teeth"! He had this hair brained idea that he would use his Nerf gun to remove the first tooth. Pictures won't be able to do this justice, but I was able to catch a brief clip of the ....shall we say "show".

After several failed attempts, we had to resort to the old fashioned way of Mom pulling. He wanted to be sure he wouldn't have any trouble eating his turkey on Thanksgiving.

Well as you can see, Jack has a co-conspirator. These two are racing to see who will loose the left one first.

Micah beat Jack by just a few hours....using the preferred method - a Nerf Gun!


This year for Thanksgiving our family focused on "serving" rather than "being served". Every year our church, Victory Baptist, hosts a Thanksgiving meal for the missionaries in the surrounding areas of Germany. We had families come from as far as Romania and Czech Republic. The festivities began the week before for a church-wide cleaning day. We all rolled up our sleeves, grabbed a scrub brush and got to work. After a complete overhaul, the church was gleaming and ready to take on 125 pounds of turkey!

On Thanksgiving day we had a complete room full of all the traditional trimming and a few new ones (smoked brisket & Greek salad). Our church kids sang a few songs that they've been practicing to include on in German! Afterwards, we had a devotion from a guest preacher, sang a few hymns and the kids enjoyed the balloons!

Throughout the day we were able to fellowship with many of the missionary families and learn how they live. I found it humbling to speak with the family from Romania and hear about the daily struggles from yellow well water to mold in every room. It makes me thankful for the housing the Lord has provided our family here in Germany. Just last week we were without hot water and heat for 4 days, and thought we were having a hard time. We as Americans are so soft...we don't know what it's like to live without all the conveniences of heat, hot water, appliances, etc. I am truly thankful for those who heed the calling of the Lord to be missionaries!

Our church was able to supply these families with a huge box of American favorites that they all miss. I know that they were just as much a blessing to us and we were to them. The day after Thanksgiving, we all met at the church for more eating! Yep, a big hearty breakfast and then a day in downtown Stuttgart for the Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas Market). The kids all enjoyed themselves and the weather was terrific! This truly was a wonderful Thanksgiving to remember.

Jack and Micah enjoy the rides and chocolate covered stawberries and bananas!