March 13, 2010

Skiing Oberstdorf

We decided to take advantage to our most recent snowfall, so we packed the car and headed for a day trip to Oberstdorf, southern Germany.

We had absolutely beautiful weather, sunny and 32 degrees! The kids had a blast and are quite the masters of skiing these days! Here are a few photos and videos of the fun. Enjoy!

Jack skiingMadeline skiing

March 06, 2010

Drafty Windows?

Here's proof of our drafty window problem we continue to fight here in our house. This morning we awoke to snow inside our hallway. Notice it had not melted overnight. Brrrrrr.....nice and toasty in here!

March 05, 2010

Day #1 of a New Smile!

So, we've begun our orthodontic care for Madeline - what an adventure it's been already with the German dental system! These first few photos are while we're waiting for the doctor. We took Brad along this time - his first visit to the office. If you know him, he wants to check out everything. While exploring the drawers and hidden cabinets he set off not one or two, but several alarms. The constant "beeping" from our room caused many of the staff to peek in through the glass door to see what the "Americans" were up to! He did manage to find the model of the human head to keep us all entertained.

Here's glimpse of the first photos of a work in progress! The second photos is a bit scary, but it sums it all up! Did I mention that Madeline chose green and blue for the retainer colors - yummmm!