March 30, 2011

A Preacher in the Making

Like father, like son!

Querty 11 Space Capsule

The kids have been studying space recently in science. They've also been able to attend several venues at the Stuttgart Planetarium.

In their spare time, Madeline and Jack, have turned an old packing box into their "Querty 11" space capsule. The box is so big, that our neighbors called to see if we were moving, as it is visible through Jack's window!

Missions' Conference

Well, it seems I'm on top of everything these days BUT this blog! I honestly have good intentions to post weekly; however, homeschooling, church activities, soccer & Brad's work schedule seem to be the most demanding!

Two weeks ago our church had our Missions' Conference. We had Les and Donna Garner, missionaries to Mexico, come a preach our services. We had a wonderful week of activites to include missions project boards and an international dinner. Since we're an international congregation to begin with, we had some outstanding food!

The kids of the church were assigned a missions board. They were to research a country and prepare a display to be shown during the week. Here's a look at Madeline and Jack's board: Liberia.

Liberia was chosen because the kids felt they had the most items to display, due to Brad's recent travels.