October 01, 2011

Daytrip to the French Countryside

Over Labor Day, we took a day trip to the French countryside; only a 2hr trip! First stop was to do a recon of French pottery in the town of Soufflenheim. My plan is to revisit and shop when my parents come at Christmas!

Upon our arrival, the shops were preparing to close for lunch for 2 hours. We were able to do a bit of window shopping and grab a bite to eat.

Along the way, we found a walnut tree. So of course, we had to stop and see if we could harvest a few for ourselves. Madeline enjoyed opening hers very meticulously...

while to boys were busy crushing them along the concrete wall!

Here's an example of the homes in the area - look at the garden!

Next, we were headed to the town of Ribeauville but took a detour as usual to the town of Kintzheim to see The château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg.

Here's a mini replica of the fortress and grounds.

A few views from the top...

The mountain ridge at the top of the photo is the Black Forest in Germany.

Inside the castle.

Where's Madeline? Oh, taking a turn at being photographer!

Jack was really impressed with the large cannons at the top of the castle. Madeline, not so much.

And yet, another great view!

Another detour...on our way back home we came across this river lock on the Rhine river near Basel, Switzerland. Not something you see everyday. Very neat to watch this boat load, rise and leave.

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