October 09, 2011

Schwetzgens, Apples & Hokkaidos!

We absolutely love the late summer early fall in this part of Germany. Fresh fruits and veggies abound from all the local markets. A friend of ours in a neighboring town invited us to come pick schwetzgens a few weeks ago. What is a schwetzgen? Its a small plum that is often used for making prunes. Take a look at the first crop!

This box measures approximately 2 feet sq. and 1 ft deep. You think this is alot of plums, take a look below...

4x 5 gallon buckets + 5 flat crates = a week of stained fingers, a fridge full of frozen plums, a shelf of plum jam, a Rubbermaid full of dried "prunes", 5 schwetzgen cakes, and 4 qts. of stewed plums for winter!

Did I also mention that it's the season for apple picking and hokkaido pumpkins! Already made 2 apple crisps, pumpkin soup, prepped and frozen 5 qts. of pumpkin for winter and a box of apples just begging to be turned into something yummy!

Busy, busy, busy!

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